Cruise Destinations - Western Europe

The cities listed here are major ports where cruise ships visit in this region, however there are other ports that also receive cruising vessels. The activities and attractions listed are typical of the onshore tours available for visitors arriving on cruises.

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Cruises along the western seaboard of Europe take in all major destinations between Amsterdam in the north to the Canary Islands in the south. Plenty of cruises depart from Southampton in the UK, so they are ideal if you are visiting the UK and would like to add some mainland Europe destinations to your trip without the hassle of having to fly in and out and arrange accommodation. Cruises start with just 2 nights away - these short trips are ideal for first time cruisers to "dip their toes in the water" so to speak, and make for a great, low-cost weekend away with some shipboard life and a single destination to visit. The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, The Channel Islands and the Canary Islands are all on the agenda. Most cruises involve overnight travel at sea with visits to a different port each day. Cruises have a minimal number of full days at sea, if any.

The main Western Europe cruise season lasts from April through October.

Western European cruises are typically 2 to 10 nights.

The British Isles, also referred to as the British and Irish Isles, is a collection of islands off the mainland of Europe consisting of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and Ireland, and a number of adjacent smaller islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Cruises to the British Isles allow travelers a wonderful opportunity to explore in depth the region's beautiful countryside while visiting notable European cities and famous historic sites along the way.

Tour famous cities like London, Dublin, Edinburgh and Glasgow, featuring extraordinary castles, unique architecture and world-class museums that showcase some of the world's most amazing art and historical artifacts. Dock in Invergordon, the gateway to Inverness and legendary Loch Ness, or become acquainted with the lesser-known islands like the Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly, and Shetland and Channel Islands.

British Isles cruises sail from April through September.

British Isles cruises are typically 5 to 14 nights in length, but longer cruises are offered.

London and Southampton are the most common departure ports for a British Isles cruise, but you may also sail from Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, and other European cities. If you must fly a very long distance to reach your port of departure, we suggest that you arrive at the port city at least one or two days in advance of your British Isles cruise. This will give you time to rest and get oriented before boarding the ship. Most cruise lines offer pre-cruise hotel packages.

Tip: Bring lots of layers and rain gear for British Isles cruises. Summertime temperatures generally range from the 15 to 30 degrees C, and rain is not uncommon.

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